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COMCAST BASIC-CABLE OFFER: Seaview Harbor Marina has secured a bulk rate arrangement with Comcast Cable to offer boaters in the Marina a substantial savings for Dockside basic cable T.V. service with certain restrictions.

CHANNEL LINE-UP: Comcast Cable will supply basic cable channels.  A list of approximately 98 channels is available in the Marina Office.

SERVICE RATE: The special rate for Basic Cable T.V. service for the Season is $150.00 due by April 1st, 2018.

 INSTALLATION CHARGE: No installation fee.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Boaters who are interested in obtaining this special rate must apply prior to

April 1st, 2018.  In addition each slip occupant who does not sign-up by the April 1st, 2018 date will have the cable service deactivated at the slip.


  1. Tenants are required to pay their Rental amount in full prior to being eligible to take advantage of this offer and Slip Owners must be current with their fees. All accounts must be Current.

Anyone with a Past Due Account will not be able to sign up for the Comcast basic-cable.

  1. The required service period is for the 2018 Season in the total amount of $150.00.  Make a Separate Check Payable to: Seaview Harbor Marina in the amount $150.00
  2. A payment in the amount of $150.00 is required prior to April 1st, 2018 for boaters to take advantage of this offer.
  3. NO EXCEPTIONS.Boaters who do not take advantage of this offer prior to April 1st, 2018 and have not submitted their payment in full, ($150.00) will have to contact Comcast Cable directly and will be subject to Comcast’s regular charges, plus installation.


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Reminder All Accounts must be Current to take Advantage of the Comcast Cable Offer!


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