With the possibility of Tropical Storm (s) & Gale Force Winds which are predicted to be in our vicinity we are asking all boaters to take immediate action and take precautionary measures. With the forecast prediction of strong winds and heavy rain we need to ask all boat owners to inspect, replace or add additional lines to insure the boats to provide adequate protection. Please remove any unsecured items from the docks to eliminate potential damage from items being tossed about from the forecasted strong winds. We would like to emphasis that your vessel be prepared for any power outages that may occur. This is in anticipation of heavy rain, high wind, and possible coastal flooding. • Monitor the National Weather Service forecast for updates. • Replace worn/old dock lines and double up on lines. • All boats need to be secured with a minimum of 2 bow, 2 stern lines as well as spring lines fore and aft. • If possible you may want to have the boat hauled or relocated further inland for more adequate protection. • Remove all canvas, enclosures, and cushions. • Sailboats should remove and store sails below decks. • Remove all items from the dock box and docks. If your dock box is not secured it should be placed in your boats cockpit. • Any small boats, dinghy’s, Jet-skis, wave runners, kayaks, etc that are in slips need to be removed. • Secure all deck items: hatches, antennas, windows and all rigging. • Secure all gear on your vessel • Check all bilge pump operations, manual and automatic. • Check/service batteries to ensure full charge. • Empty refrigerators/freezers. • Do not stay on board your vessel prior to or during a storm. • The Marina will is not responsible for your vessel.

Joe Stewart, Executive Director
Hurricane Dorian -Posted 9/2/2019

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